Re: Lost cat control to external radio


I am thinking in terms of communications between OmniRig and SDRC. Remember that you cannot open a com port and share it with multiple applications. So you cannot connect SDRC to the radio's comport and OmniRig to the radio's comport at the same time.


On 20220705 12:28:15, Cody via wrote:

jdow thanks for the quick reply. My radio is using com 7, Yaesu installs two com ports one for rig control, in my case com 7 and com 8 sends data cw digital ect. So how can I use a virtual cable? Where do I set the VC in SDRC? I’m new to the realm of virtual anything. I thought I only need  OmniRig Vrs. 1.20 which is what I have installed. I did have it working last week ago


Thanks you

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