Re: Remaining VAC Issue

George Stein - NJ3H

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply. I have implemented the audio settings you suggested.  No improvement.  I changed the bandwidth using the Elad S2 from 6.144 MHz to 1.536 MHz.  No improvement.

Attached is the log from DebugView.

I am not sure about your question about the software on the other end. 

I have tried each of my receivers (Perseus, HF+ Discovery, Elad S2, R2, and RSPdx) using their native software and VAC without any issues.  When I do NOT use VAC and the audio just goes to the speakers when using SDR Console, all is fine.

So it comes down to SDRC and VAC.

If I restart Console with VB cable already selected, then the audio is fine. 

I should mention that I am using VAC's Audio Repeater program to listen to whatever VAC I want to.  I have batch files for each cable.  Interestingly enough, VB cable shows up in the list in Audio Repeater and as I said that does work.

The use of the VACs and audio Repeater is something that I have done for years.  So there shouldn't have been any surprises.  Of course I have been using console for years as well.  3.1 and now 3.2 have the same issue.

Please let me know of anything else I can try.


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