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Simon Brown

Look at the audio settings, make sure on Default. I' hearing Console pumping the audio and not getting a steady flow through the audio cable.

If you enable Diagnostics then extra info may be seen with DebugView.

What software is on the other end, I can try to reproduce this.

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Subject: [SDR-Radio] Remaining VAC Issue

Starting a new thread.

Last week, Simon and others helped me with audio problems I was having with SDRC. Thank you all!

Some problems have been cleared up, but I am having still having issues.

1. Using VAC (registered version), I get background crackling noise using SDRC with my Elad S2 and RSPdx.  Using the native software, the audio if fine.

2. Based on suggestions, I have changed ms per int from 7 to 5 and Stream buffer watermark High from 200 to 500 (the next higher value).  Attached is a picture of the VAC Control Panel.

3. I have tried other programs (internet audio and WinAmp audio) going through one of the VACs.  All situations are working well.

4. I tried VB Cable and 90% of the time the audio is fine.  So it may not be a VAC problem.

4. The only common denominator is SDRC, I believe.

As I said in the previous thread, this is the first time this issue has been a problem.  SDRC has always worked fine on this computer, which is Win 10 Enterprise, 32 GB, Sound Blaster Z. Nvidia 1665 Super video card.

Any other ideas to correct this will be most appreciated.



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