Re: Elad S2 and SDRC version 3.1


More Attenuation. Experiment. It's good for you. You learn your equipment that way.


On 20220702 10:10:07, George Stein - NJ3H via wrote:

Thank you Peter and Jim for your comments.

However, the situation seems worse than I thought.  Please look at the attached picture.  You will notice gaps in the waterfall.  When those gaps occur, the spectrum drops down (as in no signal).

However, when using the Elad native software (which I do not like big time), there are no gaps whatsoever.  Other SDRs that I have are not acting up when using their native software.

So it appears that something in SDRC must be acting up.  I really like SDRC so I hope there is some kind of solution to this problem.

I restarted the computer.  This did not fix the issue.  I am not using a VAC.  The audio is going to the computer speakers.

So any ideas as to what else I can check would be most appreciated.


On Saturday, July 2, 2022 at 05:55:59 AM PDT, Jim Smith G0OFE <sdr-radio@...> wrote:

THat's not CW, it's the carrier that appears on BC-FM when low or no modulation, such as with gaps in speech.

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On 02/07/2022 12:16, Peter via wrote:
Hi George,

Looking at your VAC settings, I see both underflows and overflows.
The first thing I would do is reduce Ms per int from 7 to 4 ( maybe 5 )
You should never see underflows or overflows if everything is running smoothly.

2nd - in your previous message, did I really see CW in the BCFM band ???
If that's so, I'd think your radio's front-end is getting overloaded badly !!

Just my 2 cents worth - but hopefully something useful in it.




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