Re: Set up SDR Blog HDSR or SDR Sharp #hdsdr


Are you trying to use SDRConsole? It sounds like you are trying to use HDSDR. Damnifino how to make it work. Visit HDSDR based lists for that help. For help with SDRConsole this is the place. Despite having a half dozen of the dreadful little things I am trying to forget what I know. Fortunately it should be plug and play above about 30 MHz. Although below maybe 100 MHz it's not very sensitive in my experience. For HF there is a setting accessible for the rtlsdr dongles that can allow HF use. I have better stuff to use on HF so I don't go near HF with the rtlsdr dongles. Some other folks here do.

So for HDSDR this is not really the place to try. For SDR-Radio (V3)'s SDRConsole program this is it. You can get help at Look under the Radios selection drop list for "RTL Dongles".


On 20220627 10:28:58, Cody via wrote:
I'm sure this topic has been brought up before, I looked under #HDSDR and I can't find the setup. I would like to set up my RTL-SDR BlogV3 perferably with HDSRD or another SDR program.
My end game is to get it to work with CW Skimmer. Once I get that done, I would like to take the Rf out from my sub Rx on my 101d and input that into my SDR. Is this doable? I already replaced the drivers per the guide , but when I hook up my SDR to a dipole I can not recieve any signals 
Thanks you

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