Using With An Icom R8600. Sr. Level (uncertainty) Questions Re Tuning



I have a few basic, very, questions that I am frankly
a bit confused regarding. I'm a long time user of this truly incredible program,
but with other receivers. Will blame my simple-minded questions on old age now.
I have to admit that I miss many of the nuances these days.

Have downloaded the latest, V 3.2 Beta.
Have a new Icom R8600

a. The Horizontal bar below the Waterfall, I guess, shows Freq. and Span.

What is the significance of the yellow (vert.) band in the center ?
The radio is locked, as it is supposed to be. Any way of using with it Un-Locked ?

But, dragging this yellow bar "seems to" actually tune the radio. (the freq. it is on is Not reflected in the digital display of the program.
And, the radio (surprisingly) updates, and reflects the freq. that this bar is on, but also on the radio's display. Nice, since the radio is "locked".

The digital freq. readout, and the green bandwidth in the Spectrum View do not change.
*Any way of having this numerical value freq. displayed on the radio instead of the yellow bar freq. ?

Is dragging this yellow bar the best, or suggested, way to tune ?

b. Or, just enter a digital frequency for tuning in the program numerical display ?

If someone could explain some of the Nuances of what is happening,
and the "best" way of tuning the radio, would be appreciative.
Not having the radio display the freq. (other than dragging the yellow bar) is confusing.


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