Re: QO-100 - SDR Console + Log4OM

Steve KH6CT

Greetings Patrick...

I am running a similar set of software; info on my setup might help.  Station here is a Yaesu FTDX-10, Log4OM and SDRConsole.  All three of them follow each other.  I do all, or most of, the tuning by moving the cursor about on the SDRConsole screen; the radio and logging program follow in frequency and band changes.  Am also running a software called Win4Yaesu which provides cat control of the radio and also provides virtual comports which allow several other pieces of software to connect to the Yaesu.  Most likely, in your situation, all you may need is a "port splitter" software package to allow both SDRC and Log4OM to communicate with the radio at the same time.

Only problem is that my station is all disconnected right now;  stuff is everywhere and it all needs to get connected properly.  Hope to be on line later this evening, and I'll test some connectivity which may work for your station.  More to follow...

Best 73,
Steve KH6CT

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