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Conrad, PA5Y

All those ports are used, I have a lot of different configurations. However I will remove everything and start again and perhaps have some kind of structure. For instance, all of the S3 virtual ports are 55-57. I should add that despite N1MM+’s protestations everything works in all other applications.






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Without looking too hard I see a duplicate COM1 which is most odd as this is usually the legacy port on the motherboard.


I would correctly deinstall all virtual serial port software, check available ports with N1MM, then slowly add them back using only one program, my favourite is com0com. Alternatively check all the software and look at the definitions.


There's at least one program which needs some TLC so that you don't cause this sort of situation.


Try this display in Console, good 'cos it shows the manufacturer (written correctly):



Good luck!

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Hello Max, I use VPSE already, the full fat 64-bit licensed version and have used it for 5 years. That does not help me, it is a virtual com port emulator. The problem I have is finding out what is upsetting N1MM+ contest program which insists that I have duplicate com ports.


Too much DX on 6 and 2m to sort this out yesterday but I did download device remover. Meanwhile I just switch off the FDM-DUO and the warning disappears. Windows thinks that there is duplicate port but device manager does not find it.




Conrad PA5Y




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On Sun, Jun 19, 2022 at 10:51 PM, Max wrote:

On this page you can see the GUI that shows physical and software ports.

Sorry, just realised the GUI shown in the linked page is Eltima but VSP Manager looks very similar.

See K5FR's own page for the GUI:




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