Re: Com port pickle

David Slipper

I used "Device Remover" to get rid of some of the COM ports in the huge collection I ended up with.

It has a GUI but it is not particularly friendly and you need to be very careful what you do with it.

Google found me an article about getting rid of hidden com ports.


On 19/06/2022 09:02, Conrad, PA5Y wrote:

As this group has a lot of computer savvy people, I hope that you don’t mind me asking a general PC question.


I have a lot of COM ports in use, and I just added the FDM-DUO and I need to use OMNIRIG for WSJT-X etc. This means that I must allocate any real physical comports to numbers less than 20. Despite my best-efforts using Device manager and com-0-com and VPSE I seem to have a clash that stops N1MM+ from opening correctly.  I need to re-do everything and document what I have done this time.


Is there an application out there that provides a nice  human friendly GUI that shows all com ports virtual or physical?





Conrad PA5Y

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