Re: Afedri AFE822X dual channel Diversity/phasing support?

Larry Dodd

It amazes me that the stream of special interest requests keep rolling in relentlessly. Simon has done an amazing and remarkable job with SDR Console. It can’t and shouldn’t fit everyone’s specialized desires. Eventually it could becomes totally unmanageable. Time to give Simon a break and let him enjoy his life. 
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I can't code 24 x 7 forever! 

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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Afedri AFE822X dual channel Diversity/phasing support?
It saddens me to hear that support of Dual Channel SDR's is way down the line.
There has been former threads here discussing this subject over time. I see it is in the "Future" list here:
I also have a AFE822x SDR-Net (Dual Channel), so there are a few around.
I would guess that there is a larger audience for Dual Channel SDR's than for future multi channel SDR's.

There are many interesting and nice features that could be realized with one of those Dual Channel SDR's.
I made a short write-up on Beam and Notch Steering using a Dual Channel SDR.
I enclose it as an PDF-file (413 kB). I hope it would not be dropped due to limited disk quota :-)

73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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