Re: Afedri AFE822X dual channel Diversity/phasing support?


It saddens me to hear that support of Dual Channel SDR's is way down the line.
There has been former threads here discussing this subject over time. I see it is in the "Future" list here:
I also have a AFE822x SDR-Net (Dual Channel), so there are a few around.
I would guess that there is a larger audience for Dual Channel SDR's than for future multi channel SDR's.

There are many interesting and nice features that could be realized with one of those Dual Channel SDR's.
I made a short write-up on Beam and Notch Steering using a Dual Channel SDR.
I enclose it as an PDF-file (413 kB). I hope it would not be dropped due to limited disk quota :-)

73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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