Re: Main Receiver DSP Docking to the RHS


On Wed, Jun 15, 2022 at 11:30 AM, Nicholas Shaxted wrote:

If anyone is interested I have yet to resolve the issue.




I assume you have read this about positioning panels/windows?

I don't often need to use a Receiver pane as the main waterfall window serves my purpose, but to try and simulate your issue I did enable one RX Pane. Note that when you "left click and drag" the title bar of a pane, not only do you see the large "arrows diamond" cross graphic near the centre of the SDRC window to drop the pane onto in the required arrow position, if you look right at the edges of the screen you will see there are arrows there too. It's sometimes possible to end up with the RX pane all across the bottom of the screen and this can give the impression that it's overlapping the DSP (actually it's not). So either click/drag the DSP title bar to the arrow on to the far left of the screen to make it full height, or click/drag the title bar of the RX window to the bottom of the centre large crosses to place it where I think you want it, i.e. centre bottom.

Anyway, have a read of that section I linked if you did not already. Other than this I'm finding it hard to visualise the exact issue you are having but I find SDRC pane positioning entirely predictable on my setup.

Just to recap, if you left-click (and hold) and drag the title bar of any SDRC pane and place it over one of the large on-screen arrows, then that pane automatically switches to "docked" mode in the required position. If you don't release over one of the big on-screen arrows, then that pane then becomes floating.

Hope it helps?


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