Re: Main Receiver DSP Docking to the RHS


Resizing is left as an exercise for the student. This us a very standard Windows GUI metaphor.


On 20220614 03:26:29, jdow wrote:

Three helpful pictures are attached. They show how it works.


On 20220614 01:26:26, Nicholas Shaxted wrote:

Thanks Gisle, but that is what I tried and it doesn’t work here.

When I drag the DSP window to where I want it and all the arrowed windows appear it allows me to drop it in the correct place, but the whole receive window does not shift and the DSP just sits atop the left-hand edge of the rx window.

The problem is that the DSP has become a floating window (again) and when asking it (very nicely) to become a docked window it pops back over to the right-hand side.



No matter what I do it seems only to want to dock only to the right-hand side.

It didn’t think it was a bug but merely a simple user error made by a simple user.


FWIW The mouse is setup for use left-handed.


Nick - g4ogi

For other amusement I have written PTO on both sides at the bottom of a blank piece of A4 paper.


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Just click and drag the windows from the right to the left.

Mind you, it's a docking window, so it won't dock were you want until the dark-blue hint-area shows up.

Floating after releasing LMB.jpg Floating with correct highlighted hint.jpg

Floating with hint.jpg

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