Main Receiver DSP Docking to the RHS

Nicholas Shaxted

Ok dear wise heads,

I installed “SDR-Radio V3.1, 64-bit, 2022-04-12_1245” this morning and when I started it I asked it to remove the DSP panel so that I has only the rx window displaying.

Normally the DSP panel sits to the left of the screen so imagine my surprise when I re-enabled it and it docked over the right-hand side (as per attached screenshot).

I took this as a challenge to find out where the left/right switch was but after rather far too long playing I have decided to give up.


The question is a simple one. How do I persuade SDR-Console to display the DSP panel on the left-hand side of the Console window?

I have tried choccy treats and pictures of cats..but decided I have missed something pretty obvious,

Another cup of finely brewed tea methinks whilst I cogitate further.


Nick – g4ogi

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