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Simon Brown


The logfile is selected from the ribbon bar's Tools pane, it is displayed in the default text file viewer. The logfile contains copious diagnostic information, in the event of a problem save the logfile to a text file.

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Thanks Don...

It was installed in both cases and the LED flash pattern suggests it's there OK


On 6/13/22 18:42, Don Moman VE6JY wrote:

You haven't mentioned installing the driver...  Mine shows up as a G31DDC under Radio Receivers in Device Manager.  

On Mon, Jun 13, 2022 at 4:05 PM Jim Lill <jim@...> wrote:
I've had my unit for some time but haven't used it in a few months. I
just tried using it with several W10 boxes with both the supplied
program and SDR-Console, both of which worked previously but I now have
issues.  Of course in the interim Microsoft has been updating W10.  When
I tried to use the supplied program, it must see that there is a
Receiver there as the UI comes then goes off.   When I try to use
SDR-Console, it looks good but when I start the receiver no actual
receive. Again, both circumstances worked fine the last time but no-go
now.  What am I overlooking.




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