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Larry Dodd

I believe the clone SDR in question uses the Mirics MSi3101 chipset same as used in SDRplay receivers. I would “guess” the four switches have something to do with its AM demodulator. “Perhaps“ they set AM bandwidths? If you can power it up “I’d“ experiment with the switches to see/hear their effects. I have one on order waiting delivery. 
Larry K4LED 


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I just read this - didn't realise you're GD6ICR (I was GD8IQM then GD4ELI until I left the rock for work post-university). 

If you're interested, I have an as-new RSP1A in original packing, will sell to you for 50% of the new price (whatever that is). It was used in my USA office for a project, did its job and is now on the shelf in my computer room.

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Need to know the switch settings on this SDR please

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