Re: My Computer Drifts!


Is your PPS signal reception based on a signal that instantly raises a VERY high priority interrupt? And how does your software account for the interrupt latency? Does it also account for the delays inherent in reading the clock? And are you far enough gone into the weeds that you post process results with the published corrections? I'm kind of wondering how far out into the accuracy weeds an aficionado might go. I know my level of silliness in the70s. I disciplined a precision crystal oscillator into the single digit ppb or less using WWV over months of very careful tweeking. If my station was going to have a crystal calibrator by goofy it was going to be as accurate as I could make it.

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On 20220604 03:02:13, Dirk wrote:

thank you! You mainly confirme what I wrote.
I use a GPS module with PPS output and a RS232 converter, PPS connected to a serial handshake line.
Of course my PC has a real (hardware) RS232 interface.

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