Re: SDR's For Sale. Maybe Other Equipment, Antenna, ETC.


Hi Sigi, 

Apologies for messaging you out of the blue, but I haven't had a chance to ask you yet if you were interested in the Hermes Lite 2 I mentioned in the group.

After doing the sums and converting from dollars to pounds I think its cost me between about £290/£310 plus the shipping cost, with exchange rates being all over the place thats probably something like $360/$395 dollars and between about €335/€360 euros. 
 I'm not looking to make crazy money on my Hermes Lite 2 like I know that some of the guys in various groups are doing Sigi. You have probably seen it in some of the groups where they have popped up in groups at over a hundred dollars more than the cost of a new one from makerfabs. 

I am only asking or looking to get the same amount of money that I paid for it. Its a standard Hermes Lite 2 with the N2ADR filter board fitted and in the standard 40mm enclosure. Using it with Simon's sdr console side by side with my icom ic-7300 and on the same antenna I'd honestly say it is every bit as good as my icom and a couple of times using Simon's software it pulled a couple of signals out of the noise that my icom was struggling with. 

Anyway Sigi, Apologies again for messaging you out of the blue and sorry to trouble you. If you're interested in the Hermes just let me know and if not just let me know that as well if you want. 

 As I've said probably too many times, I'm not looking at selling the radio for crazy profit like some guys are. I'm just looking to get back what I paid for it and with the crazy way exchange rates are its anywhere between £290/£310 pounds but I think probably £300 or something in that area is what I paid. Awk I honestly don't know. I'm only selling it to help pay for another radio, well the Hermes the Afedri, the Airspy HF+ dual port, and some other radio stuff that I don't need or maybe just don't use or have any use for now, there's even an MFJ 1026 Deluxe Noise Cancelling unit. Think its just really a phasing unit.

 No doubt I'll eventually fund my next radio, hopefully it'll even be before it goes out of production, hi-hi. 

Sorry to trouble you Sigi. 
Very Best Wishes and Very Best Regards to you and your Family Sigi. 73 John. 

Sorry to Simon and the group for this kinda long message and still not with any great sales pitch from me either. 

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me too


dg9bfc sigi

Am 02.06.2022 um 06:46 schrieb mathews ember:
I would be interested in that Hermes lite.
How much you asking for it

John Bain

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