Re: World Map 1.2.9

Cormac, EI4HQ

Hi Simon,

Thanks for v1.2.9, in particular for adding bearing & distance display for stations, a very useful feature addition. I use World Map a lot for Navtex DX activities as it provides a neat way to display pretty much all that's needed; the stations, time, terminator and space weather data. I maintain a Navtex station data suite for the Navtex DX community and I've been including World Map 490 and 518 Navtex station files as part of it for a while now.

A feature request if I could be so forward; any chance you might consider adding the real time Dst index to the propagation info. provided; It's a useful propagation pointer for those of us who DX below 1MHz (NDBs, Navtex, MW & LW broadcasting, that sort of thing). When the Dst spikes upwards, that can be an early warning of a subsequent drop/plunge into -ve Dst figures that often means MW propagation is in trouble. The deeper the dive into -ve territory, the more trouble we're in. On the other hand, all other things being equal a relatively stable Dst hovering around zero is generally a good thing for <1MHz propagation.


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