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That and typical floor sweepings for the computer's time reference can give a surprising size error. Very roughly speaking a 1ppm error is 0.1 seconds per day. A 50 ppm crystal is as bad as 4 seconds per day. So your little toy's oscillator is maybe "floor sweepings." But you can have a crystal set 50 ppm off and temperature takes it another 50 ppm, 9 seconds per day or 3 seconds per 8 hours.


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It's AMD in a small NUC, I bet it's temperature related?

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Hi Simon,

> I run a small ASUS NUC with an AMD 4700U inside. the time drifts by a few seconds during an 8 hour period!

Maybe the standard frequency of your main power supply is not very stable on 50 Hz. Check, if other machines have this deviation also or not.

> Shirley there's a free program on the web i can use to sync with NTP?

I can recommend NetTime, very tiny, run on all Win OS incl. Win 11:

73, Uwe

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