Re: SDR's For Sale. Maybe Other Equipment, Antenna, ETC.

Andrea Dalbagno

Good morning John
I'm interested at the Wellbrook. How much does it cost? And may I ask where are you located?
Thanks in advance.
Andrea IN3IWZ 

Il gio 2 giu 2022, 02:54 John Bain <johnpbain@...> ha scritto:
Simon, First of all Sorry to Bother you and Sincerest   Apologies for contacting you out of the blue. Very Best Wishes and Very Best Regards Simon. I have used sdr console and think that its probably the best sdr software available right now. 
 I might be selling off a couple or possibly a few of my sdr's and wondered if its ok to do this on the group. I didn't want to just post without clearing it with you first. My posts will probably be moderated as I usually only read the posts and don't comment much about anything. I'm only a UK foundation license holder because I've never really felt the need for using any more power than the 10 watts I'm Allowed. I have been Licensed since 2007 along with my wife who did the exam with me. I've been a swl and kinda radio fanatic since about age 5 or 6 in the mid 1970's. I've mostly always used transceivers for my listening because I always found the filters to be better than the receivers that I could afford to buy or kits that I could build. Apologies for rambling on about myself in this message Simon, I didn't intend to do that but thought it would be slightly more polite to introduce myself before asking you about anything to do with your group 
I usually read anything from the group via email instead of the web version though only because I usually check email from the phone instead of the computer. 
 If it was ok with you to post about any of the radios or any other equipment that I would sell I'd be selling my Hermes Lite 2 bought in December 2021, an Absolutely fantastic wee receiver when used with your sdr console. My license conditions prevent me from using it for transmit but I have checked it out with the dummy load and it is all good on transmit, only tried on dummy load but I'm guessing fine with a real aerial. 
 I'd probably also be selling my afedri lan-iq, the one with the touch screen and digital encoder option fitted, its coverage is 0-1700MHz 2 bnc aerial inputs. I bought it about april from the original owner who bought it almost exactly a year ago from afedri. I can take pictures of any of the equipment if anybody wanted to see them. I also have an airspy HF+ dual port (not discovery) if anybody was interested in buying one of them, its only been used a few times since I've not got as much time as I used to have to play radio. I probably have a couple of other things that I'll be letting go in the near future Simon. I really do need to thin down the crop of radios, I'm running out of space, its a small shack. I've never actually sold anything online before, I'm usually the one that's buying, hi. My Wife sells online so the shipping of any of the equipment for sale won't be a problem hopefully.  Maybe a Wellbrook Loop as well barely used and need to get it down from the loft above the shack. I'm sure that its a 1530LN model serial number available if needed, it's probably the only shipping nighttime I have Simon.
 There's probably some more bits and pieces that I can't think of but no doubt will remember when the email is away. 
 Again Simon Sorry to Bother you and sincerest apologies for contacting you out of the blue. 
 Very Best Wishes and Very Best Regards to you and your Family Simon, 73 John. 
John Bain

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