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Simon Brown


Problem seems to be that my little NUC can drift quite a bit as it warms up due to change in CPU load. I've seen WSJT failing to decode due to the time offset, so Meinberg will solve this.

These NUCs are excellent, especially with the 12th generation Intel chips.

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Hi all

I have successfully used this method on XP, W7, W8 & W10 for many years.     Before the internet days (DOS, W3.1, 98 etc ) I used an early version  of Dimension 4.(which needed to be manually calibrated against time signals over several weeks) on my customers computers, but the newer versions of D4 no longer seem to play well with W10

Clock Synchronization

Synchronizing the clock of your PC is normally enabled by default except for networked computers that are domain members. Obviously, this synchronization is not possible for PCs that are not connected (whether permanently or not) to the Internet ...

To activate or check that this function is enabled, you must go to Control Panel | Regional Options, Date and Time | Change date and time and click the Internet Time tab.

Synchronization occurs every 604,800 seconds, or every 7 days. You can increase or decrease this time by editing the registry:

Go to the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ W32Time \ TimeProviders \ NtpClient

Locate and change the value: SpecialPollInterval

Assign a value in seconds. e.g. 3600 will give you an update interval of 60 minutes

Restart the PC for the changes to take effect. (Source: MSKB Q297227)

73 Graham
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