Re: Multiple radios.

Simon Brown

Yes you can.


I’ll help you get set up. I use the DUO to drive 4m / 2m 70cms transverters and direct on 6m.


FWIW seen a couple of HA beacons on 4m at 55dB SNR, I called on SSB – nothing!



From: <> On Behalf Of Conrad, PA5Y
Sent: 18 May 2022 10:25
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Multiple radios.


Am correct to assume that I can run an FDM-S3, FDM-DUO at the same time provided that I have sufficient bandwidth? I just ordered a PCie USB3 card. The Duo is on its way from the UK.


I have been listening to the audio from FDM DUO video, it is VERY nice indeed. I will most certainly use the SDRC TX audio.


I refer to this:


I have some audio pops and crackles on RX with the S3 but I have not spent much time on it yet, too busy DXing on 6m.




Conrad PA5Y



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