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Hm, it is fancy fun for geeky sorts. It amounts to a development kit with a rather fancy piece of example software. It features freakishly fast synchronization. It looks like it is good enough for most ham use, but I don't know if it tweaks the system clock or not. (Yeah yeah RTFM. But that skips the fun of discovery.) It appears to be nicely geared to mobile equipment. It's fun playing with stuff I remember and disturbing about how much I have forgotten over the years.

With Win 10 it was plug and play. And it integrates with the location services, one presumes automatically. I'd still recommend installing the U-center software.


On 20220510 20:55:24, jdow wrote:
This one looks intriguing, It has Windows driver. It has PPS - sort of, via USB.

Waterproof GPS Receiver for Laptop, USB Interface, Raspberry Pi, 27 db Gain

I have NO idea why this caught be by surprise. There are people who've done GPS using an RTL dongle. But, it did surprise me. And it's only $35 Amazon Prime in the US.


On 20220510 10:40:04, Siegfried Jackstien wrote:
My gps dongle came with an app to read data (and sync clock if needed)
Also shows number of the sats and a sky view where each one is and reads ephemeridian data

But included inside map soft?? Not a bad idea
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Hi Simon. I have seen in the forecast of version 1.2.7 of the "World Map", an NTP client, would it be possible to implement the reading of the clock of a GPS (installed in a serial port)? It would be appreciated in areas or circumstances without internet connection . Thanks for your time. Antonio D. (EA7HGL)

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