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4) I don't know about that. I posted that a little after Noon yesterday local time. It read 12:xx for the large time indication. The sunrise and sunset times were very definitely UTC with Sunrise about the same as current time. The approximate location is 34.5 N and 117 W. Are there separate time zone settings? An so, this AM after a restart it is making sense. That suggests the change when made did not propagate fully to the SR/SS portion of the display. So perhaps we are both correct.

1) It's your infernal floating point entry dialog that's VERY resistant to me using it. It seems to actively hate me. I clipped the lat and long. I tried highlighting everything, it failed. It highlighting the real part and it failed, as expected. Both times the cursor happened to be in the real part of the dialog as that seemed to make more sense to me.

2) OK, it gave me the impression it was an active client that could reset system time as well as display time.

3) Yeah - the three choices have interesting interactions. It took me aback with the behavior. "Unexpected" is the keyword.


On 20220514 22:20:27, Simon Brown wrote:
  1. Yes you can
  2. NTP is not on, it’s an interactive client
  3. Sadly I don’t have the option of radio buttons here
  4. Sorry, not correct, Sunrise / sunset value depends on whether local or UTC is selected



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1) Setting location is a MISERABLE job. I cannot simply cut and paste the suitable values.

2) How do I turn off ntp to prevent it competing with my internal ntp?

3) Interaction of Greyline "Night Map" and "Shadow" as sort of radio buttons is confusing.

4) Sunrise and sunset are UTC even when local time is selected.


On 20220513 23:48:44, Simon Brown wrote:

Something for the weekend: World Map 1.2.7 with a few funky new features.



Simon Brown



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