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Conrad, PA5Y

Simon thank you for your work.


I find the burbling sounds associated with Spectral subtraction most off putting. I believe it is called ‘musical noise’ and is more obtrusive with speech than music.


This is interesting.


It offers suggestions as to how it may be reduced which do work. Probably Simon has already incorporated these techniques.


I have been working commercially on this very subject exclusively with AM radio for the last 4 months with great success, unfortunately I cannot share what we have done.


SDR# suffers from the same affliction, at least based on the recordings that I could find online. If anyone has any good examples of spectral subtraction with SDR# please post them.


Watch the video below at 08:24, this is about the best in amateur radio I’ve heard, the artefacts are there but acceptable for our purposes.




Conrad PA5Y


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Understanding spectral subtraction and its use in noise reduction for SDR Console. Not yet as good as SDR# but a step in the right direction!



Simon Brown



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