Re: Future version 1.27 of the "World Map" #future


On 20220511 11:57:46, Frank wrote:
as info and save a few lines of code for Simon.... and free time for dog walking.... ;-) ;-)
I always use with USB GPS on the /P location and laptop PC without internet the BktTimeSync PC APP by IZ2BKT.
It works perfectly and directly adjusts the clock and the whole PC with the GPS data on the COM.

It goes either with GPS with internet or/and COM or USB socket.

Never had a TimeSync problem except that since my USB GPS is ten years old, it is not as sensitive if inside home, compared to my cell phone which receives all satellites even in the basement!
Perhaps it would be more interesting to be able to use cell phone GPS in some way, to be paired with the PC, but I wouldn't know how...


Modulo required accuracy this may be good or bad. Cogitate a little while on the effects of multipath on GPS accuracy, especially when you only get the signal via a bounce path. (If you are interested in nanoseconds.)


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