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I presume you mean +/- 1 ms. Your phrasing was a touch ambiguous. And that is only with the multimedia tick size setting to 1ms. (By now setting to 0.1 ms should be allowed but I suppose ms does not figure that's productive.


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I can tell you that with Windows & NTP setting the time results in either 0 or 1 ms offset, it’s good. An advanced NTP client talks with several NTP servers, determines round trip latency, performs long term analysis and generally results in a 0 ms offset.


The Windows time sync runs as a service using the local system account, there will be a small amount of latency with this approach.



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You can do that using the PC version of Symmetricom's ntp client. If not that there is a full up ntp server/client for NTP out there on the web. One or both of those options should include the standard com port. The accuracy may not be all that great, though. There is a lot of latency variation with Windows. And Windows time setting granularity is 1 ms when a program has the multi-media timers active and set to 1 ms.


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Hi Simon. I have seen in the forecast of version 1.2.7 of the "World Map", an NTP client, would it be possible to implement the reading of the clock of a GPS (installed in a serial port)? It would be appreciated in areas or circumstances without internet connection . Thanks for your time. Antonio D. (EA7HGL)


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