Re: Version 3.0.26 Wobbly audio ?


Oddly enough you might get shorter latency with the 96ksps. If the audio buffer size is the same for the two data rates it will fill up quicker at 96ksps. That is the ONLY reason I can see to use 96 ksps or even 128 ksps. There are tradeoffs in here that are worth somebody exploring. It won't be easy doing this accurately.


On 20220510 11:03:37, Chris wrote:

I have found that Realtek drivers are extremely “variable” in quality and reliability. In fact, I won’t use any “enhanced” audio drivers if windows finds a “native” driver that works without special installs beyond windows update. This applies to any audio device I use. If there isn’t a good, definitive reason to load the manufacturers utility and drivers, why do so?

if there are any audio “drivers” loaded in the settings / apps list, I remove them.

Then I usually dlsable and delete any audio drivers in Device Manager (Control Panel)

A reboot will then allow windows to install its “own” drivers for the devices which tend to be simpler, more reliable and don’t have as many dumb “enhancements” to mutilate the sound and cause other problems.

Then, go into every place there’s an adjustment for audio (and windows has loads of them for some reason) and turn off or disable, every “enhancement” you find and also set the sample rates to something reasonable (44 or 48K). There is no way that you are going to hear the difference between a 48Kb and a 96Kb stream in the real world and especially from a radio no matter how good the sdr. All your doing is asking the system to work harder for zero benefit.

I would say potential clues here are that in one case, recordings were fine (so we know that SDRC is outputting clean audio) and in another case, remote audio works but local doesn’t.

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