recommended OS version?


My question:  What is the recommended version of SDR-Radio to run from within win XP?

>  I do have working copies of XP-32 and XP-64.  I do not own W7, W10 or other Win.
>  I am by far more a linux guy but do want to try out this feature full application.  No luck so far with WINE.   Therefore I have created a VM within my Debian OS and successfully installed XP-64.  I have tried to install both [SDR-Radio V3.1, 64-bit, 2022-04-12_1245.exe] and [SDR-Radio V3.1, 32-bit, 2022-04-12_1245.exe], but neither fully worked.  Next I went way back in time and tried [SDR-RADIO-Pro_v2.2b1735.exe].  This last seemed to get me closer but not fully working.

> I know Simon is truly tops with his projects and I'm guessing there is a path for me. I don't mind all the tuning needed here, but so as to not waste time on dead-ends, I felt it was best to check in and get pointed towards the proper method.

so in summary... should I be working with the 32 or 64 bit XP and try to get it to play SDR-Radio from within a VM?  If so, which version of the branch code is suggested.  And any other ideas are very welcome.  (Baring a purchase of windows, ;).


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