Pointing eggsactly in File anlyzer

Zacharias Liangas




Does any one know how to get  exact pointing or tuning into  a carrier in the data  analyzer? Many times the pointer the steps even equal dotn seem to point exactly in the carrier ie 17490000.000 or 17530.000

In the second example as in the mini shot it steps to 17259976.8 and requires too careful mouse pointing to step up into 17530034[.662] so losing the carrier

Attached are the photos adjustment buttons in total zoom plus the whole screenshot Step can vary by 12,13+ Hz ±v and never get on 17490 in this case V of Tibet


IN the photo below the options are disabled

Full screenshot

the step down mouse pointing

this this step-down pointing with next step on 530034.xxx losing the exact carrier

I think that a zoom operation can help pointing  to carrier

Notice: all these shots are with irfanview and hi jpg compression


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