Re: SDRC V3.1 with Win11

Siegfried Jackstien

And in that tools folder a function is missing... "Export all settings to a single user file" to save in a usb key for transporting the settings from one pc to another... Or for reinstall after a major crash.. Or for send to simon (or somebody else) for debugging if needed
I do know that it is not just one single file to be saved and restored.. But a handful of files plus some registry settings
And for sure when you IMPORT it again a popup window should say.. Do you really want to use those settings?? All settings will be overwritten... But.. It would be good if we would have such a single file export import thingy... Not?!?
Just thinking loud hi hi
Dg9bfc sigiĀ 

Am 23.04.2022 14:20 schrieb Barry Jablonski <bjablonski@...>:

Hi Larry,

For next time, Simon has a Tools folder in the Start Menu (see attached).


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