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Siegfried Jackstien

Would be nice if it would be possible to have ONE EXPORT FILE with ALL settings saved. Transfer to new pc, install new console, import config file. 
But there are things in user files, inifiles and the registry... And here comes the problem. 
If all could be saved in one big user ini to import on new pc, to reinstall after a hdd crash, then it would be much easier to maintain a remote station, or help others to setup their console. 
I have setup a few dozen stations...
For Newbies with a Pluto...Remote via teamviewer
With a single ini it would be done in minutes. Doing all by hand takes hours.
Sadly i have not found the Button "Import user ini".... Grin

Am 23.04.2022 12:44 schrieb Simon Brown <simon@...>:

Yes you can.

Simon Brown

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Is it possible to transfer my SDR definition files from my old PC (running Ver 3.0.26) to the new Ham PC (running ver 3.1)        My actual SDR is remotely located 8 miles away and still works fine via the old PC but the new PC with 3.1  does not have the Definition files created for my remote SDR.
or is there an easier way to transfer SDRC entirely from 1 PC to another?
Larry - K1UO

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