SDRC V3.1 with Win11

Larry - K1UO

Sorry to be a bother but not sure where to turn..... I am having a heck of a time reinstalling SDR Console (64 bit version) on my new radio room replacement PC. Its almost complete (I think) except when I try to start the program I get a SYSTEM Error that says execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll and VCRUNTIME140_1.dll cannot be found.
I tried reloading as suggested by the error but to no avail.
unfortunately I have NO clue as to how to fix this or what to do next... everything worked just fine on the very old Win 10 machine but it definitely was time to upgrade.
If it helps, my email k1uo.larry@... is working on the new PC and might make things easier.
Larry - K1UO

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