Re: playback / navigator / bitmap all yellow, no signals. #bug


Please repost the screen shot such that it is sent full size. The clues it can offer are obscured by the tiny size as included in your message. However, my understanding is that the recorded levels leave off some data needed to precisely recreate the recording conditions. You may need to readdress the color shading via the View menu.


On 20220420 10:25:42, Ben Z en de rest wrote:

If I make a recording from satellite band, Airspy , 5 MHz bandwidth and I open the recording after that the navigator only shows a bright yellow page where the contrast / colour bar in the consolem menu has no influence at the contrast of the navigator bitmap.

If I open previous recordings the navigator shows the signals nicely.

the two latest recordings where this happend where recorded as 32 bits weak signal.  I am now recording in 16 bit mode to test. 

Screenshot : 

My 16 bit recording show signals in the waterfall and the contrast can be adjusted again. 

I guess this is an unexpected future :-)


Ben - PE2BZ

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