Re: RTL serial number programming facility.

David J Taylor

On 15/04/2022 16:22, sm6fhz wrote:
Hi David.
Could you please show us the way to do this.
Screenshots, maybe.
Any special precautions one have to obey to do it in a safe way?
73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

Some way into this discussion:

I found this set of instructions, with screenshots in the dialogue:

1. Select first dongle radio and Start it.
2. On Home ribbon, click Radio Configuration.
3. Click EEPROM tab.
4. Click Load - if values don't come up right away and you get
"EEPROM not found" error, try it again a few times, or Stop/Start
radio and try again.
5. Once values populate, edit Serial # and click Save.
6. Repeat steps for other dongles with the exact same serial
numbers so they're different.
7. Open separate instances of SDR Console v3 (start menu > v3 Tools > Select Identity.
8. Set up new radio definitions in each identity.

You should now be able to run different multiple RTL-SDR USB dongles
at the same time by opening separate instances/identities of
SDR Console v3.

The only thing which surprised me was that you had to have the dongle actually
running before the Radio Configuration button was visible. I had thought that
it would be an "offline" adjustment, but I can see that ensuring the device is
properly connected makes sense.

I've done several, but I'm only using one in anger for a Raspberry Pi 137 MHz
automated APT receiver, and it's working just the same with the updated dongle.

Precautions: don't unplug the dongle while it's updating!

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