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Hover mouse over spectrum frequency display. Move wheel up and down. Frequency changes in your (laboriously) selected step sizes. Simon hates right click functions, it seems, so I don't see a nice mouse only fix on the horizon. (Added entries to the right click menus are not horridly laborious and can be VERY nice labor saving devices.)


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In reviewing my previous post, below, I notice I may not have been clear:  everything posted thus far is what I intended, however I should clarify that the mouse right click functions I'm seeking would need to actually step the active receiver along with the stepping.  Max had mentioned the cursor/arrow tuning via the keyboard--that's all great except one has to hit enter and confirm the entry before the receiver follows.  To get what I'm seeking the receiver would have to directly follow the right click commands.


John Collins, Portland, Oregon


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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] inquiry re a couple of functions
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2022 21:32:32 -0700
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Hi Max,

Thanks for your kind response! 

Yes, I realize and use the waterfall variable step size based on distance +/- center and it's very useful indeed.  The function I describe in item one comes from my younger days when I did some (admittedly neanderthal) graphics work; I found it very helpful to have a positioning option that let me deal with just one device, the mouse in this case, rather than moving among input devices.  I'm not sure what the appeal would be across the entire user base, but it would be useful to me.  Of course that alone may not be worth the development effort.  I'm not implying such functionality was overlooked, in fact I am stunned by the depth and breadth of the software.  I am constantly finding little details that prove to be incredibly useful.

I've just played with the cursor/arrow key tuning again and you're right--that's exactly what I'm asking about except I'd like to see such functions via the mouse; perhaps if/when using mouse, the 1x vs 10x selection could be realized based on right click being in the spectrum vs waterfall area(?).

thanks again



On 4/13/2022 12:55 AM, Max wrote:
On Wed, Apr 13, 2022 at 05:39 AM, FoxAcid01 wrote:
1)  The right-click frequency up/down step on the waterfall takes one step per click;  is it feasible to have the function do a continuous step when right-held-down?  Maybe even have the repeat rate adjustable(?)  This would save wear and tear on the mouse and my gnarled arthritic fingers.

2)  The various demod modes are freely included/excluded, however I don't see how to arrange the order in which the mode buttons are presented.  This is not a big thing but would be nice to arrange in ways that come naturally to the user.
Hi John

(1) Just for info, did you know that the further from the centre you right click the bigger the steps? That allows very rapid shifting around without need for loads of clicking. Also, did you know you can tune the selected radio using keyboard cursor/arrow keys left-right (set step x1) and up-down (set step x10)? That's pretty much the only method of tuning I use.

(2) Yes, you are correct, you can turn individual modes to display or not but it might also be quite nice to be able to arrange the order of the Mode buttons with similar dialogue to that offered in the "Filter" setup dialogue. Simon?


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