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I think the card could be running in a dumb mode without the NVIDIA driver installed. When this happens all the DirectX work takes place on the CPU and performance can be quite poor.


The Task Manager showed a very low GPU usage, far lower than I would expect for the GTX 645 running ‘normally’.


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Is the logging software trying to talk to SDRC or is it running independently on the side?

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jdow said:

"...SDR-C's effect on other logging applications."That needs defining - what is the effect and how are the logging applications connected? And to which logging applications are you referring?

I'd like to record a video snippet showing the lag in HRD Logbook when creating a new QSO while Console is running. What's the best way to record an post a video here? Obviously I need a place to host videos. Or perhaps an animated GIF? I don't to hijack this group's storage.

de Steve N6VL


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