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The task manager output suggests everything should be working. A diagram or verbal diagram of your setup would also help. Include any audio devices and external decoders that may be running at the same time.

"...SDR-C's effect on other logging applications."

That needs defining - what is the effect and how are the logging applications connected? And to which logging applications are you referring?


On 20220324 20:27:23, jdow wrote:

If you've not provided a full size screen shot of SDRC when it is exhibiting this problem that might be a good idea, too. Show as much detail about your setup as possible, of course. That means using options to put up optional onscreen information as well as the header and bottom status bars. There is a lot of useful information that can be extracted from this added material. TechPower GPU-Z is another tool that can help diagnose how hard your GPUs are being hit. It can confirm what the GPU metrics inside SDRC have to say about your GPU activity. More good information is always a good thing.


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Please show me this panel of the Task Manager if you would like further help, otherwise I’m flying blind.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Simon Brown said:

My gut feeling is that the GPU is not the cause of the problem. Please show this task manager page and make sure the CPU is visible (it may not be shown):

Is this a request by Simon for me to take a screenshot of my Task Manager Performance tab and post it here? I'll try to post a screenshot.

Simon also said:

Anyway, the GTX 645 is quite respectable when it comes to DirectX but any newer card will be better and use less power. And a newer card (if you can get one) can later be used in a new PC.

That good to hear. I'm really not in a mood to upgrade my graphics card and not solve my main issue, that is the sluggishness of my two logging apps while running SDR-C. However, if a new card will speed up refreshing on the spectrum display, I'm very interested! I just don't want to spend top dollar with no perceivable results.

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