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To clarify a little, the "GTX 1650 Super" is a name for a model of nVidia video card sold by many different manufacturers. MSI, ASUS, Gateway, ZOTAC, and Evga are the most commonly encountered versions.


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Tom says to use SUPER brand only. Is SUPER a brand? Or can any GTX 1650 work?
It's just misleading branding by Nvidia. 1650 and 1650 Super are really two quite different cards. 1650 released first (to a fairly lacklustre response from reviewers) then next generation GPU and faster memory in the 1650 Super was highly praised for value versus excellent performance. They really should not have called it 1650 Super, they should have called it a totally different name as they really are different beasts! From memory the Super has about a 30% upgrade on performance in most situations. The tables are easy enough to find online by Googling if you feel the need. 

I bought mine (Super) for around 160 GBP, so about $200 but since then (a) there's been a massive supply shortage due to pandemic chip supply and so they were simply unavailable and (b) as a result prices have gone through the roof, so while they were fantastic value, now (like everything else) they are silly money.

I guess look out for a good used 1650 Super (or see Simon's post) from a reputable private buyer? I can highly recommend the Super. It transformed the performance of SDRC (and loads of other apps, video editing for example) on my ageing 12 year old i7 Asus mobo PC. Your mileage may vary of course, but most have found it an excellent card. Pity about how the pricing has spoiled things to some degree.

Good luck


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