Re: GPU card


You do not have to enable the overclocking, And, I believe the cards do not switch to overclocked operation if it is not needed.


On 20220322 17:45:41, n6vl via wrote:

My Optiplex is a mini tower which is the largest size. I found this available locally:

MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ventus XS Overclocked Dual-Fan 4GB GDDR6 PCIe Graphics Card

The overclocked part scares me. Overheating comes to mind. It has 4 GB RAM versus 8 GB on other cards. But the price is right at $260. And my power supply barely matches the requirements. If I do need a heftier power supply, it should be one with  ether than average EMI characteristics.

It's looking like SDR-C needs at least at lower end gaming machine!

de Steve N6VL

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