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Of course, you could get a large TV monitor, use the HDMI port, and enjoy the pleasures of a huge screen you can sit well away from and still see the full resolution. The huge screen is minimum of 55" diagonal so it may be a little large for your ham station.


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You could search through previous correspondence on this subject as it has been covered many times by many people and the answer has always been upgrade! Your eyes may not notice the difference but your CPU certainly will. I have a GTX 1650 SUPER. Simon has often recommended this model – the SUPER is important, can’t remember why(!) Easily drives both my mismatched monitors, neither of which are 4K. My CPU performance dropped from 4-6% to >1% which is typical of the results reported by others with the same or better card.  There are plenty of more modern cards to choose from but you don’t have to spend a fortune. It is worth remembering that even if the card is a 4K, you won’t see it unless your monitor is also 4K. if you need to replace your monitor in the future, you might not be able to buy a non-4K monitor.


Tom G6PZZ, (with eyes older than yours!)


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This is a follow up to my previous "Minimizing CPU load" topic. In retrospect it's not the CPU load that's my issue, but SDR-C's effect on other logging applications. My CPU load is around 8% +/-. My machine is a Dell Optiplex 9020. It has a i7-4770 quad core 3.40 GHz w/ 16 GB RAM. I could upgrade to 32 GB.

However it's the display that could be lacking. It has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645. I'm not privy to graphics card performance. I could try to get a more up to date NVIDIA card. SDR Console can off load some of it processing to GPU memory. My card has 1 GB RAM. I don't need 4K graphics, so legacy 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz is just fine for me. My middle aged eyes are quite happy with my current resolution.

I don't see any performance benefit by enabling NVIDIA CUDA. How do I know if it's increasing performance? Any diagnostics?

de Steve N6VL

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