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Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

In this context, SUPER is one of the variants of the 1650 series. I bought it on Simon’s recommendation as a good compromise against price and performance.

NVIDIA makes graphics chips and licences their technology to manufacturers. In my case I bought a Gigabyte, to match the mobo. Sigi is right though, almost any graphics card is better than nothing. I’ve also just realised you mentioned “Optiplex”  and depending on the case style you might also be looking for a low profile card. If you have a conventional ATX tower style case, that shouldn’t be a problem but if it is a “slim-line designer type”, just be careful and look at the insides first. If you hadn’t noticed, the 1650 Super takes up the space of two slots.



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yes .. any does work

even my much smaller nvidia quadro k2100m works in cuda mode (and helps to lower main cpu load)

dg9bfc sigi

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Any consensus about GTX 1650 brands. Tom says to use SUPER brand only. Is SUPER a brand? Or can any GTX 1650 work?

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