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Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

I purchased mine in September 2020 for less than £170.00 and it was certainly at the lower end of the list. The new mobo, processor and RAM was around £400.00 purchased at the same time. I guess I made the right choices at the right time. You can really compare the price to a refurb computer with very low end graphics. In effect you probably purchased a computer on price rather than one that would do what you needed. I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad but people have been buying computers the wrong way round for decades. Before you choose CPU, RAM and graphics, ask what software you are going to run then see what spec you need. In this case your refurbished Dell may well have had a good CPU, RAM etc., but a slower CPU might well have paid for a better graphics card and wouldn’t be slowing you down now. It’s one of the prices we pay in the never-ending search for perfection.  My new PC in 2020 was the first new machine I had built since 2010 and I had never paid more than £25.00 for graphics before. It helps not to play games or get sucked into the get rich quick mire that is bitcoin etc.


Let us hope that COVID and supply chain problems soon abate and the world can get back to normal.




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Video cards in the U.S. went crazy due to bit coin mining, then the pandemic and supply chain issues.

I just listed my EVGA Nvidia 2080 Super for sale locally on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

Compared to new prices it is listed reasonable so should sell.


But, if you do go with a used card, watch out for the ones used for bit coin mining. A lot of times they have issues with the GPU due to overheating.



Dave wo2x


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Replying to Tom: wow the GTX 1650 SUPER is quite expensive! About $400 USD or more on Amazon. I didn't pay that much for this refurb Dell Optiplex about 4 years ago!

Hoping there are some more economical GTX models that will still help out on my primary CPU load? Guess I need to search this group?

de Steve N6VL

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