Re: Continuum mode



I took the liberty to collect the specification points we have been throwing around here in this thread for a week or so, in one bulleted list.
I hope it makes it easier to have all of them in one place.
I also added a few new ones that I came to think about at the end.

  • The function should be in an separate, dockable, window as most other function in SDR Console are
  • The function should be possible to run in parallel with the regular spectrum and waterfall displays
  • The function shall measure and display the total power in an defined band width e.g. the full sampled band width as a function of time. The band width could be possible to set to a more narrow value, if possible to implement.
    • The time scale (number of samples per second) shall be possible to set from "real time" to monitoring the sky pass an antenna beam over several hours (24?)
  • It should be possible to set the post detection integration time (smoothing)
  • The vertical scale (level) should be possible to adjust from 0.05 dB per division to say 10 dB per division
  • The horizontal scale (time) could run left to right or right to left to your preference (optional)
  • It shall be possible to save the data to file (.csv) if you like, for post processing in Matlab or Excel
  • Possibility to set a smaller BW for the measurement than the sampled BW and to set where this BW shall be in frequency (within the sampled range).
  • The cursor (when moved into the plot) to show the actual indicated value at its position in the graph. Where it shall show can be discussed, but close to the cursor would be one possibility. There are probably many alternatives where to show the number.
  • Include a "Screenshot" camera in the window, if possible. It would be a practical feature.
  • Some kind of "Time markers" in the graph, similar to the ones in SDRC waterfall.
We have probably missed a few anyway, but the better specified it is from the start the less work, and rework, it will create.
Save on time and effort. The programmer needs to get a lesser work load :-)

When a Beta is available I am ready to and more than happy to start making tests.

73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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