Re: K4 and SDR-Console

Conrad, PA5Y

Hello Fred.


I must ask why you use an RSP2Pro and SDRC when you already have an SDR based radio with a waterfall? Surely the K4 has a much better receiver. Is the K4 waterfall poor?


I use SDRC as a band-scope with my TS-890S and K3S in conjunction with a Perseus because it knocks spots off the TS-890S waterfall and of course the K3S does not have this facility. Is it the same with the K4?




Conrad PA5Y


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Sent: 19 March 2022 13:39
Subject: [SDR-Radio] K4 and SDR-Console


Anyone using the Elecraft K4 with SDR-Consloe?

I'm have a small problem.
When I have SDR-Console running then I start the K4 up it puts the K4 into transmit for a few seconds.
When I start the K4 first then start SDR-Console this doesn't happen.

Any have any thoughts on why this happens?
And yes I know one answer is "just don't start SDR-Console first".

I am using SDRPlay RSP2Pro.

Thanks 73

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