Re: Continuum mode


I would like to add two more points to the short spec for the Continuum Mode function:

  • Possibility to set a smaller BW for the measurement than the sampled BW and to set where this BW shall be in frequency (within the sampled range).
  • The cursor (when moved into the plot) to show the actual indicated value at it's position in the graph. Where it shall show can be discussed, but close to the cursor would be one possibility. There are probably many alternatives where to show the number.
This is because with the now available very broad band SDR's (e.g. RX888 etc.) it might be impractical or undesirable to measure over the entire sampled BW due to spurious signals, unwanted signals or other limitations.
The cursor reading has earlier proven to be a very practical feature when using Continuum Mode.
I hope these are feasible functions to implement.

73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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