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Thanks for the quick reply, Simon.

I hate to use other folks' software as a reference when talking to a developer, but what SpectraVue does for Continuum mode is just fine for my purposes.  However, SpectraVue talks only to RFSpace SDRs, and however good those radios might be, they are mostly historical.

SDR Console, however, talks to many SDRs, so more useful now and in the future for more users.

I hope that the enclosed give you a better idea of what SpectraVue' Continuum looks like.   Although  my example SpectraVueContinuumDisplay.png shows a 1300kHz span, it can be reduced to any span available within the original sampling.  (SpectraVue2DPlotDisplay.png is the equivalent 2D plot).   It can be used either with a recorded file, as in this example, or during live listening, which is my present need.  Continuum mode in SpectraVue can also record .csv files.

SVueManualContinuum.png   is  from the SpectraVue manual.   I'm sure that Moe Wheatley would offer advice, although might be forgiven for not immediately knowing all the details after all the elapsed time from his writing SpectraVue.

Thanks for considering this.


At 19:12 2022-03-14, Simon Brown wrote:

Hi Nick,


I now have time to add this. I assume you would want the value plotted against time, similar to the signal history?


A screenshot of SpectraVue in continuum mode would be appreciated.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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The incorporation of "Continuum mode" such as RFSpace's  SpectraVue provides has come up a couple of times over the years (message #63341 and others), but so far as I know, has not been incorporated into SDR Console.(from SpectraVue manual:  "A continuum display for measuring spectral power over the entire span and/or the peak power within the span.")The power is a single value displayed over time. The span can be set from one Hz to the full span being monitored.  It's derived from the FFT displayed.Does any SDR software other than SpectraVue offer this capability?Thanks.Nick

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