Re: RSPdx and SDR Console



A   lot  of  thanks  to  all  the  members  of  the  group  who  helped  me  to  solve  the  frustrating  problems  I  encountered  with  the  installation  of  SDR Console.. 

I  tried  many  times  after  having  installed  and  uninstalled  program.  I  followed  very  "slowly"  the  instructions  you gave  me   and  some  tutorials   I've  found  in  the    web. until  I  obtained    what   you  see  in  the  attached  file.  Now  -only  now-  i  can  say  that  I  created  many  problems  myself .

Have   a nice  end    of   Sunday   and  thanks  again!



Il 13/03/2022 01:57 Dale Eshoff WB8CJW <dale.elshoff@...> ha scritto:

You have the frequency set too high.  I believe (2,000 MHz. or 2GHz.) 2 ,000, 000, 000 is the top end for the receiver.  You have 5 ,999, 991, 000 (5, 999 MHz. or nearly 6GHz.) set.  Set it to a frequency you know is active, on-air.

On 3/11/2022 8:13 PM, ffiorin via wrote:

I  hope  this  is fine

Il 12/03/2022 02:03 Max <radiomax@...> ha scritto:


Actually, just realised you are not even displaying the ribbon bar. See picture to get dropdown from little arrow at top of screen and uncheck "Minimize Ribbon Bar". Things will then become a lot more manageable!

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