Re: Transmit AX.25

Siegfried Jackstien

wrong ... for tx into console you can use a few ways

via virtual comport ... (depends what packet software you use)

or with using vox (that works for sure)

then sdr console will switch tx on (and also pluto or lime will go into tx mode)

tx from hardware sdr to pa?? pluto can have a ptt relais installed ... lime has gpo pins that support ptt out ... and sdr console can control usb relais ... so also a few options to solve ptt towards power amp (and a koax relais)

now where is the problem??

a few options for ptt in ... and ptt out

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 26.02.2022 um 21:55 schrieb Douglas Pervine:

Easier said than done.

The problem is keying PTT.  SDR software doesn't have a way to PTT transmit on and off.
SDR devices (i.e. LimeSDR Mini / Adalm-Pluto) can't accept a PTT.

Transmit is a constant right now.  (VOX doesn't work at all.)

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